The products you want – when you want them – at the same price every day!

I have been marketing online since 1997. In that time I have seen many trends in information products. Some I liked – others I didn’t.

One trend that I think we are heading toward is the ready availability of information products – without the “sales” aspect. Yes, there are still times when you need to understand WHY you need something. But in many cases you just want to get the information. Period.

That’s why I set up this site. It provides information with zero hype. You can buy what you need, when you need it. There are no “disappearing” offers. There are no “product launches.” There are just products – here when you want them.

While some of the products are mine, many are from multiple private label rights and licensing sites that I belong to. Over the years I have accumulated hundreds of quality products that I have never released. Where needed, I have rewritten and updated them. In most cases I haven’t even changed the covers (that would add to the cost).

What this does is provide you with solid information at a very affordable price.

Looking for the products that I have had a personal hand in editing or creating? Look for these labels:

CatesOriginalProductI created this product from scratch. These products and courses will have a slightly higher cost.


Cates enhanced productI have edited and added to the original content of these products.


Enjoy buying the information you want – when you want it – at a reasonable price.

The faculty writers can use the information given and major make a quality paper that will get students excited about their upcoming college career.